Top 25 Benefits of Gooseberry (Amla) for Health, Hair and Skin

Health benefits of Gooseberry (Amla)

Gooseberry (Amla)

Gooseberry known as Amla in South Asia is a kind of fruits. The scientific name of gooseberry is Phyllanthus Emblica. This fruits contains 100% vitamin C. As a herbal product it has achieved name and fame. There are a huge health benefits of Gooseberry (Amla). There is a supreme position of Amla in the kingdom of Ayurveda. It is widely used for its excellent herbal nutrients and food value all over the world.

Amla is beneficial for health, hair and skin. Many cosmetic industries and toiletries use amla as their raw materials. The enlistment of this product in their cosmetics gives the product more attractive to the customers. It helps for the product branding and promoting because people have their faith on this herb.

The health benefits of Gooseberry (Amla) is massive and multi-profiting. For health it has outstanding benefits. For hair, it is a touchstone. And for skin it is one of the best natural soother.

Top 25 Gooseberry Benefits:

Gooseberry contains many important acids which are mighty contributor for our health, skin and hair. There are abundant of useful acids in every Gooseberry. They are citric acid, malic acid, shikimic acid, quinic acid,[1]   phenolic acid, The p-coumaric acid, caffaic acid, p-benzoic acid and protcatechuic acid[2] . They always provide us with many benefits in our metabolic system.

Bellow we have discussed about 25 top benefits of gooseberry  (Amla) for Health, Hair and Skin. In the first phase, one to eleven points are dealt with health benefits of Gooseberry. In the Second phase, twelve to eighteen points have been focused on the benefits gooseberry (Amla) for our skin and Finally we highlighted the benefits of Amloki for our hair in the last phase (Nineteen to Twenty-five).

1. Filth with Vitamin C

As a fruit amla is a source of Vitamin C. So it is better to consume Amla or Amloki or Gooseberry than taking any chemical drag of vitamin C. Although it is very sour to taste, it is studied no side effect in absorbing Gooseberry. So the diseases, in absent of vitamin C, like scurvy, low wound healing power, incapability to prevent bleeding from capillary, low immunity system etc. are preventable by enlisting Amla in the daily food chart. There is a research that one amla contains Vitamin C more than that of 20 oranges.

2. Recovery from Arthritis

One of the greatest health benefits of Gooseberry is the super healing power in arthritis.The primary evident in vitro that extracts convince apoptosis and modify gene expression on osteoclasts. This osteoclasts is involved in rheumatic arthritis. Amla is proved to improve our muscle tone.

The sportsmen suffer a lot of joint pain. A regular taking of this herbal fruit can prevent and protect him from such problems.

3. Controls Diabetes and High Blood pressure

A patient of diabetes and high blood pressure is very much grateful to Indan Amla. A person who is diagnosed by this kind of diseases is prescribed a balance life. Amla is called a balanced fruit. It controls cholesterol from our blood. more over it reduces blood pressure. This keep balance in our digestion and metabolic system. So diseases like diabetes comes in controlled. The citrus properties of Amla helps to keep the blood pressure in the exact level 80-120.

The process of absorbing Amla to keep BP in expected level is given bellow:

Take a sieve and an spoon and a glass or bowl before processing. Take two teaspoonful crushed Gooseberry on the sieve and extract juice from it. Now mix one teaspoonful pure honey in the juice. Now stir it well. Taking it in every morning will ultimately less your blood pressure.

4. Prevents cancer

A huge vitamin C and antioxidant effect prevents many types of cancer. It copes the cancer cell and not let it to spread one the body. Blood cancer like leukemia and stomach cancer as well as cancer cell like seminoma. It is also helpful to prevent liver cancer.

5. Increase The Power of Disease Resistance

Amla has the constituents which are antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral infection. These help the body to combat against bacteria, virus and fungus. As a result our body get more disease resistance. By eradicating toxins from our body it empowers our immune system.

6. Anti Inflammatory

The all natural healing nutrients helps on our cell defensiveness. This shield leads all the body to be a protective cell warehouse. So the chance of inflammation decreases.

7. Anti aging and helps to loss weight:

It has already been mentioned that gooseberry reduces cholestorel from the blood. The regular consumer of amla enjoys by keeping their fitness slim. The sufferer of obesity are strongly suggested to consume Amla regularly. It will give the skin a anti aging shape and the body an standard fitness.

8. Helps to cure stomach diseases

Amla directly works in our stomach. It gives outstanding recovery all short of stomach disorders. They are:

i) In Diarrhea

Diarrhea is a common water transparent disease. It cases dehydration by liquidizing stool. A attacked person goes to lavatory much more than normal time and he suffers from acute dehydration. Without proper treatment a person will die within six days of diarrhea infection.

The common reason behind this infection in intestines is due to the attack by virus, bacteria or parasite. This condition is known as gastroenteritis. Amla’s antipathy against these virus, bacteria or parasite helps a patient to cope up with this dangerous disease.

ii) In Improving Appetite

Many essential acids of amla remove toxic element and fungus from the stomach. This clears the stomach’s several tissues and tongue. It also increase digestion and metabolic power in the cell. So it creates a craving for tasting food to the tongue by enhancing appetite.

iii) In Curing of Acidity

The nutrients of the Gooseberry cures acidity. They sets a proper level of PH level in the pancreas. So the acidity does not perform to the stomach of the inhibitor of Gooseberry.

iv) Improve Digestion

As a salad or desert if a person keep Amla in his everyday food list. It improve his digestive system.

9. Good for Heart

Amla reduces Blood pressure and cholesterol. It gives a good rhythm to the heart. Amloki keeps our blood and lungs healthy. The healthy blood and lungs supplies more oxygen to our health.

10. Better Mental Function:

Amla provide nourishment to our brain. So it keeps our brain health well and it empowers the memory to become sharp. So all students who are suffering to cell damaging of brain are specially recommended to take gooseberry.

11. Other Special Health Benefits of Gooseberry:

Indian Gooseberry or Amla helps in the treatment of leucorrhoea, menprhasia and hemorrhage. It helps to cure urinary tract. There is good evedent of removing bad blood from uterus by Amla. It also cures unwanted bleeding of uterus. Amla juice also very helpful for eyesight.

Benefits of Gooseberry (Amla) for skin:

Gooseberry or Indian amla works very potentially for our skin. Its rich vitamins and nutrients provides a good organic effect on our skin. Some of them has been elaborated bellow:

12. Provides Brightness:

Amla provides brightness to our skin. In gives a natural glow to our body. Honey with Gooseberry provides the internal glowing of the skin shape. Besides applying it in the face and skin make our skin more light looking.

13. Youth looking shape:

In the health benefit sector we already give the reason of anti aging benefits of Gooseberry (amla). It provide you skin with long lasting softness and freshness. So no wrinkle can appear normally.

14. Pigmentation Treatment:

Amla reduces pigmentation and gives a flaw of bright skin. The properly washing of the face by amla juice make the skin free from all dark mark.

15. Acne and pimple remover:

Goosebery fight against acne and pimple. Paste 2 Amla and add a teaspoon of aloe vera juice. Now apply it in your skin and massage it for 3 minutes. After that stop massaging and let them remain for more 5 minutes. Now wash your face with fresh and cool water. Three week continuously before going sleep at night. You will be awarded a glowing, tight, acne and pimple free face.

16. Protection from sun rays:

The anti oxidant and high power vitamin c helps the skin to overcome against the bad effect of UV ray and other damaging free radical aspects of sun.

17. Skin immunity:

Amla tea consumers and the users of amla paste on their skin enjoy the great skin immunity system. It gives no chance for the inflammation of skin. Besides it provides a quick curing on the wound of skin.

18. Scare and dark mark remover:

The using of amla as a face or skin mask removes the scares of face. It covers the skin with glowing brightness. The cell which has been damaged due to accident get back the life and freshness. These marks simultaneously  goes away and the skin come in the previous shape.

Benefits of Gooseberry (Amla) for Hair:

Amla has been being used as a herbal tonic for hair for a long time. In the realm of Ayurveda it occupied a great place. Now-a-days modern science and technology are using amla as the core product for caring hair. Many dermatologist suggest the direct or complexion of amloki to hair for caring its health. The market, specially Asian region, has been prevailed by the amla for its active ingredients. If we roam in the shopping malls we will find a plenty of gooseberry(amla) hair care products like Amla oil, Amla shampoo as well as amla hair mask. Many saloon and hair care centers started to apply amla to their clients because of the benefits of Gooseberry (amla).

19. Helps to control Hair falling:

The main reason of hair falling is low nutrition of hair. Due to oily scalp, dandruff, bacterial infection, intensity or stress the root of the hair becomes weak. These result is the ultimate hair falling. When someone applies amla oil or amla paste in the hair and takes amla as a regular fruit. The hair gets nutrients. The roots become healthy. The skin of the head gets more immunity to fight against inflammation and bacterial infections. The cooling properties of amla decreases the stress. Finally, the inhibitor and user gets the power of controlling hair fall.

20. Promoting Hair Growth:

After consuming and applying amla product all the nutrients of this fruits generates in the cells of the body including hair root. The hair becomes nourished and it starts growing immaculately.

21. Controlling Premature Hair Graying:

Amla prevents hair premature graying. The user of chemical hair colour affects very badly to the health of hair. Sometimes they causes hair fall and skin infections. The benefits of gooseberry (amla) for hair is really marvelous. It gives strong benefits for the hair root, Hair colour and skin. So no side effect can cause any damage to the hair rather all the possible damaging area will be benefited by the nutrients of gooseberry.

22. Provides shiny and strong Hair:

Many people suffer from unhealthy hair. The low density and inter related hairs are called damaged hair. They have not any shiny look and the person who has this type of hair always fall prey to underestimation. As amla is full of nutrients it provides inner health of hair. So the sufferer of shine less and damaged hair should apply amla for their treatment.

23. Natural conditioning:

One of the great benefits of gooseberry (amla) oil is its natural conditioning of hair. Daily using of it gives a silky hair which looks like a conditioning hair from a saloon. This natural treatment also has no side effects like chemical conditioner.

24. Revising the recovery of the cuticle of hair:

The damage to the cuticle of the hair due to over rigorous brushing, hair heating, chemical styling, pressure pulling etc. can be recovered by amla powder paste application to the hair. This really works very well to reshape the natural look of the hair.

25. Other Hair benefits:

Amla is now uses as a pathfinder of recovering scalp, natural color provider and reducing itchiness for the scalp. Moreover, it can be used as a shampoo. Many organic producers creates opportunity to get the organic shampoo in the supper market. The amla oil is also very beneficial to our health.

The Gooseberry or amla gives us the desired nutrients for our health, skin and hair. It also helpful for our teeth, liver and respiratory system. The anti bacterial properties, anti oxidant, Vitamin C, many important acids help our immune system to rejuvenate our body. The many important aspects of the oil and powder gives a great health power for the skin and hair.

Because of the great gooseberry benefits, it is consumed and use as many forms. People eat its as juice, vegetable, powder, Chabanprass (a kind of herbal gooseberry jam which enhance immunity). Amla hair color, hair shampoo, oil are also very popular all over the world. By reducing the dependency on chemical product we should use more and more organic product like amla to avoid side effects of our health.


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