Benefits and Herbal profits of Neem

There are a huge benefits and herbal profits of neem. Its various herbal profits are very much impressive.

Benefits and herbal profits of Neem

Benefits and herbal profits of Neem paste

Neem leaves, oil, flower, fruits or seeds and even the tender branch are very beneficial. Neem leaves have many external and oral usage. Neem oil also has the same. Neem fruits and flower are both can be processed as different medicine. Finally the branch can be used as a twigs or a herbal brash. Numerous benefits and Herbal profits of Neem  for humans, animals and crops are illustrated bellow:

i) Anti Cancer benefits and herbal profits of Neem

We all know that every one born with the cancer cell. But if this cell remains unchanged there is no problem at all for our body. It is anti-oxidant which helps to keep a cancer cell to remain unchanged. There are some miraculous elements in the Neem that keep those cancer cells well tamed so that no cell can be get bulky in shape. Thus it saves us from cancer. A regular consuming for the recovery of the cancer cell damage give us the rich benefits and herbal profits of Neem or Azadirachta.

ii) Anti Bacterial and Antiviral benefits of Neem

It is worth mentioning that the usage of Neem products for natural soothing against Bacteria and Virus infection is outstanding. Though there is many other herbal profits of Neem for us this benefits is mostly notable. People of Indian subcontinent use this neem leaves as a pill for anti Bacterial and antiviral benefits. No side effect has been studied on consuming tolerable limit of neem leaves. Now-a-days consuming antibiotic creates the deadly result for the patient in the long run.

Many organisations come forward to reducing the use of Antibiotic. In this moment Neem leaves can be helpful instead of this antibiotics. More research needed on this omnipotent element to save the mankind from the harmful effect of conventional antibiotics.

It has been recorded that a great result outcomes from the Vitro Test of National Health Care of India.

Stribild can be replaced

Stribild can be replaced

Benefits and herbal profits of Neem

Neem HIV Pill



This report shows that Neem works against HIV virus for strengthening immune

system of an HIV positive person’s cell. So current medicines like Stribild which have many bad effects and reactions on liver diseases can be replaced by Neem.[1]

Not only AIDS but also neem is beneficial to many virus and bacterial infections like Malaria, Hepatitis B, Fungi etc.

iii) Benefits and Herbal Profits of Neem in Dental Problem:

There are a huge sufferers of different dental problems all over the world.

Neem twigs

Neem twigs

Cured teeth after taking neem twigs

Cured teeth after taking Neem twigs

Among them pyorrhea, Tooth ache, Cavities are common. Black and grey colored mark of teeth can be remove by using Neem twigs. If they still remain a person can apply Neem bark ash. Neem leaves paste are highly useful to save teeth from pyorrhea and cavities. In German dentists’ study shows that about 40% of the people over 35 are suffering from gum damaged and tooth bleeding.[2] It is Neem oil, paste and twigs which had been applied to the 30 person for four weeks. among them 28 are greatly benefited.

iv) A beneficial herb for Dermatology

Neem helps in different ways to the hair care department. Neem oil is a great anti lice product. Neem paste can save us from dandruff. The nutritious element of Neem save the head skin from acne, itching, allergy and many other skin disease. So to get healthy hair and skin we should apply neem products. There are many neem products in the market too. Neem shampoo can be the best choice to care our hair.

v) Benefits and herbal profits of Neem in First Aid:

To get totally organic cure in cutting we can wash the wound by Neem soap. Then apply 2 drop of Neem oil and 1/2 ounce Neem paste per 2 centimeter area. Now wrap it with a bandage. This is the most helpful natural antiseptic in the world.

In case of animal wound we can apply neem and turmeric paste on the area. It is really helpful to them.

Vi) Neem in Crop Science:

Neem oil is now widely used as a great concentrated product. The agriculturist could understand the bad effect of chemical insecticide. The conventional pesticide pollute air, water and harm the spray deliverer.

However Neem oil spray is a great spray which can help as a base controller. It also so helpful in controlling harmful crop insects.

By drying and crashing neem seeds and mixing a ratio with water a great neem insecticide can be made. Please watch the vedio by Mundaria for detail:

Therefor Neem is the celestial healing herb. It is very helpful. It is a powerful weapon which help us to fight against cancer, ulcer, acne, diabetes, Aids, Malaria etc. It is useful to skin care too. Even there are Neem soap, face wash, shampoo, Antiseptic, Mouthwash and many other things are available in the market. So we can avail them. We must enjoy benefits and herbal profits of Neem.

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