Benefits of Cinnamon and Its Side Effects

What is Cinnamon? Is it only a spice? Are there any health benefits of Cinnamon? What are they? How to get them? Sure! we come here with research and textual reference to highlight the health benefits of Cinnamon.

What is Cinnamon?

Cinnamon is a kind of bark that is obtained from an ever green tree named cinnamon. The spice is named after the name of its plants.



The genus of the tree is Cinnamomum .There are many types of Cinnamon trees and almost all the barks of the trees are used as spice for all types of foods. The phrase all types of food has been mentioned because it is used in both savory and sweet foods. Even it also uses as the ingredient of tea.

Cinnamon produces really an exclusive fragrant and flavor to make a delicious dish. There are well reputation for the health benefits of cinnamon. Cinnamon of India and Srilanka are the most powerful. In every curry and dessert, Indian people love to add it.

Some Types of Cinnamon

According to Wikipedia The most famous and common tree of cinnamon is Cinnamomum verum that is also known as the true cinnamon. China is a country that alone hold a great international market of supplying cinnamon. They produce the cinnamon called cassiaIn Jamaica the people use Cinnamomum Zeylanium and call it as the true cinnamon. So According to the international market of cinnamon, four kinds of cinnamon are mostly used. They are:

1. Cassia cinnamon

2.  Ceylon cinnamon

3. Burmanii or Indonesian Cinnamon

4. Vietnamese cinnamon.

1. Cassia cinnamon
Cassia cinnamon

Cassia cinnamon

Cassia cinnamon is originated in southern China. It also widely cultivated in India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

(Source:  Xi-wen Li, Jie Li & Henk van der Werff. Cinnamomum cassia. Flora of China. Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, MO & Harvard University Herbaria, Cambridge, MA. Retrieved 28 March 2013.)

It is Cassia cinnamon which is famous in USA. Countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan also use this for their kitchen. It is camparatively chipper than any other types of cinnamon. But health benefits of cinnamon like cassia are precious.

2. Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon Cinnamon

The best quality cinnamon of the world is Ceylon cinnamon. It is costlier than any other cinnamon. It has a sweet taste and little bit light yellow in its outlook. Ceylon cinnamon is mostly produced in Srilanka. This type of cinnamon are also softer than the other.

This cinnamon is obtained from the tree Cinnamomum verum what we already mentioned earlier. However, There are a record of cultivating  Cinnamomum verum at commercial purposes in Madagascar and Seychelles.

3. Burmanii or Indonesian Cinnamon

Indoneshian cinnamon or burmanii is another type of cinnamon. This type of cinnamon is also cheap in the market. It is a very much similar product of Cassia cinnamon. So the other names of this cinnamon are  Batavia cassia, Padlang cassia and Kointje.

4. Vietnamese Cinnamon
Vietnamese cinnamon

Vietnamese cinnamon

Vietnamese cinnamon is also known as Saigon cinnamon. This is obtained from the tree named Cinnamomum loureiroi. The native name of this tree in vietnam is ” Quế Trà Bồng”. This type of cinnamon contains about 1-5% of essential oil. This is the main characteristic of it which segregated it from other Cinnamon. cinnamaldehyde and  coumarin.

Is it only a spice?

It is very difficult to bring the actual history of the original usage of cinnamon. There are evident of using cinnamon as a herb in thousands years ago. It has been using as an herb in the realm of Ayurveda.

The ancient civilizations like Egyptian civilization, Roman civilization, Chinese civilization also had the record of using it as both spice and herb. Cinnamon is not only uses as herbal medicine but also it has a great demand in toiletries sector too.

So we can say that cinnamon is not merely an spice but it has medicinal value. It also works for aromatic care. It has embalming agent too. For its many therapeutic advantage Chinese people declared their using record in 2800 BC.

The properties of Cinnamon

According to the report of United States Department of Agriculture in 2010, a certain edible amount of edible portion of cinnamon contains a certain amount of proximates. They collected the statistics reports of several years. And come to an end with a proper judged nutrition value of cinnamon per 100 gram, per teaspoon(2.6 gram), per table Spoon (7.8 gram) of it.

We have displayed the report of the nutrients value of cinnamon for per 100 gram edible portion in the following table:

Nutrients Unit Value per 100g
Water gram 10.58
Energy K .call 247
Protein  gram 3.99
Total lipid (fat)  gram  1.24
Carbohydrate, by difference  gram  2.17
Fiber, total dietary  gram 53.1
 Sugars, total  gram  2.17
Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid  mg  3.8
 Thiamin  mg  0.022
 Riboflavin  mg  0.041
 Niacin  mg  1.332
 Vitamin B-6  mg 0.158
 Folate, DFE  µg  6
Vitamin B-12  0  0
Vitamin A, RAE  µg  15
Vitamin A, IU IU 295
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) mg 2.32
Vitamin K (phylloquinone) µg 31.2
 Calcium, Ca  mg  1002
 Iron, Fe  mg  8.32
Magnesium, Mg  mg  60
Phosphorus, P  mg 64
Potassium, K  mg 431
Sodium, Na  mg  10
Zinc, Zn  mg 1.83
 Fatty acids, total saturated gram   0.345
Fatty acids, total monounsaturated gram 0.246
Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated gram 0.068
Fatty acids, total trans 0
 Cholesterol  – 0
 Caffeine  – 0

Cinnamon is pregnant with many nutrients. The health benefits of cinnamon is also huge. It is not an exaggeration. Really this works as the health tonic for curing many diseases. Additionally, a plenty of antioxidants which helps us preventing cell damage gives us the new feeling from our inner side. So we can deny the benefits of cinnamon.

The exclusive nutritious properties also provide us the daily requirement of them. So cinnamon deals with many diseases adversely and save us by bringing the healing power. Cinnamon gives us many types of health benefits. Its Proximate, Vitamins, Minerals saves us from many health problems. Let’s discuss about the Health benefits of cinnamon.

1. Benefits of Cinnamon as Anti Tumor effect

There is evident of cinnamon as an anti tumor. There many studies and books that give us the research information. One of the research book is The Cinnamon Book written by James Direct, Emily Thacke. They harmonized with the tone of a 2010 study of anti tumour effect of cinnamon by Gwangju institute of science and technology. [2]

Some tumor leads to cancer. The anti tumor effect of cinnamon extract helps us to prevent the cancer what comes from several types of cancer cell.

2. Anti Inflammatory Benefits of cinnamon

The cinnamadehyde (CM) is a major active element of cinnamon. A clinical study aimed to evaluate the anti-inflammatory effect of cinnamon on Helicobacter (H). The result was miraculous. Cinnamon significantly had inhibited the IL-8 expression from H.pylori infected cells (p<0.01). Besides, cinnamon dominated H.pylori-induced NF-kb activation. By the way the study provides information that on H. pylori-infected gastric sells Cassia Cinnamon evidently works as anti-inflammatory effective portion. By the blocking of the NF-kB pathway with the help of cinnamaldehyde it proves as the potential anti inflammatory organic medicine related to the gastric pathogenic processes.[4]

3. Benefits of Cinnamon for Diabetes

Cinnamon is already proved that it is a great herb for reducing blood sugar level. Several authors, scientists, herbalists, organizations have harmonized on this topic. One of the Indian authors named Dr H.K Bakhru stated about it.

With reference to the study of USDA the author composed, ” One-eight teaspoon of cinnamon triples insulin efficiency.” The author stated it from a research book of a retired botanist named James A Duke of USDA. Mr. James is a PhD botanist and he is the author of CRC Handbook of Medicinal Herb.[1]

This is an amazing matter that cinnamon has been proved as an organic medicine of diabetes. It works superior to the any other medicine of diabetes and it works well on stabilizing blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetes.

So every diabetes patient who are suffering from this deadly disease should take a pinch of cinnamon powder in his or her meal. We should also remember that this organic herb has coumarin so we should not absorb it at a large scale. Over dose of cinnamon can damages our liver.

4. Benefits of Cinnamon for Diarrhea

Cinnamon is a well herb for protecting diarrhea. It has been used in Asia, America and Europe to cure both diarrhea and dysentery. In all sort of clinical study the patient was primarily suffered in diarrhea which is cured by cinnamon.

English people prefer and believe cinnamon as an old remedy for both diarrhea and dysentery. According to The Cinnamon Book written by James Direct, Emily Thacke in case of ordinary diarrhea and dysentery they used to take a heaping spoonful of cinnamon and a cup of milk stirred together.

Some websites suggest to take the mix of 1 tsp each of cinnamon, cumin and ginger powder with a spoonful honey to make a paste. Take one teaspoon of that mixer in three times per day.

5. Benefits of Cinnamon for Obesity

Weight loss and obesity has become a buzzword in the modern world. The people who have over weight all dream and practice of weight loss. That is because the obesity is a reason for disease like diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. So these types of people are starving day by day in the name of dieting.Thus, they loss their body energy and become weak day to day.

Cinnamon helps to reduce extra weight. A study on the effect of cinnamon on weight loss proved that cinnamon is a helpful diet to evaporate the extra body weight. That research was applied on few obese rats for five weeks. The Cinnamaldehyde elements of cinnamon helps to reduce the body weight. As well as it improves the tolerance level of glucose without detectable the modification of insulin secretion.[6]

6. Benefits of Cinnamon for blood pressure

The presence of blood thinning compounds in the cinnamon help the body to enhance the power of smooth blood circulation. So good blood circulation provides us with more supply of oxygen towards the body cells. This ultimately results in more metabolic activity. As a result the possibility of heart attack decreases.

For both the type 2 diabetes and the high blood pressure patient are grateful to cinnamon. The study of National Institute of Health of United Sates  proves that cinnamon helps to reduce systolic blood pressure.[7]

7. Benefits of Cinnamon for Cancer

Many research is still under process to find out the anticancer quality of cinnamon. The primary results give us a perception that it is going to be the efficient cancer fighting element. Cinnamon has the anti-bacterial properties.

Plague like pestilence were being coped by cinnamon in the ancient history. But now it is being introduce as a cancer fighter. One of the published clinical results shows that in Cinnamon there is a compound name 2′- HCA (2′- hydrooxycinnamicaldehyde) which inhibits leukemia cells (Pim-1) and stopped the growth of human squamous epidermoid carcinoma or erythroleukemia cells by inducing apoptosis.

Moreover the study shows that the 2′-HCA compound is so effective as a chemopreventive agent against the EGF-mediated neoplastic transformation. It has been observed that the compound really suppressed the progress of mouse xenografts representing human skin cancer and leukemia.[8]

8. Health Benefits of Cinnamon for curing Flatulence

A great herbal book named Objective Botani declares that Cinnamon cures flatulence. There are many clinical proof too. Due to the intestine gastric Flatulence occurs. The disturbance of disestive tract causes gas. Our food habit is also related to this disturbance. So add small amount of cinnamon powder in a 5ml ginger juice and eat with a cup of water. You will be relieve from flatulence. 

9. Health Benefits of Cinnamon As Anti microbial

Cinnamon’s essential oil is the best anti-microbial ingredients. So far it proves to be the efficient towards various harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses. Cinnamon tea a great fighter against cold and flu. On the other hand Cinnamon oil keep you away from infection.

It is a fantastic matter that cinnamon is also helpful for your home. To keep your home members free from flu and cough as well as microbial infections use cinnamon solution. Dilute cinnamon oil in distilled water. Then shake it well and finally spray it to hither and thither of your house. The percentage of cinnamon oil will be 1% of that solution.

By wiping the solution in the flour you can drive away the germs from your floor. Even a single black ant will not enter on your room. So you can use cinnamon spray as  ant repellent. A video from Cinnamon Vogue shows us how to use cinnamon spray as ant and bug repellent:

[iframe id=”” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”728″ parameters=””]

We have already informed  that cinnamon is a anti microbial and as an anti microbial it is efficiently studied in the lab from 1944. After 2000 the study of Indian herbal activity against HIV-1 and HIV-2 proves very effective in inhibiting HIV-1. [9]

10. Benefits of Cinnamon for food Poisoning:

It is worth mentioning that the critical condition like food poisoning can be tackled by your home remedy Cinnamon. Suddenly at mid night your cousin faces the problem of food poisoning. The nearest hospital is far from your house. Besides their is a problem of transportation before morning.There is no medicine like Domperidon, Nux Vomica or any other handy chemical remedy. Then what should you do?

Yes, If this is a problem of merely food poisoning you can go to the kitchen and take 3mg Cinnamon and give it to your patient. She will feel relieve. If it is not food poisoning but a chemical reaction cinnamon will not work. You have to wash the patient. If the washing can not possible due to proper medicine you can let the patient vomit. You can do this by entering two finger into the mouth and touch soft palate.

Adding cinnamon in food is an effective way of killing the E.coli bugs. Kansas State University researchers also believe that the harmful bacteria of food like salmonella and campylobacter can be defeated by cinnamon.

However, we know that E-coli is the worst bacteria which causes food poisoning. We also will never forget the deadly history in Lanarkshire Scotland’s food poisoning in 1996. After eating meat 20 customers died due to food poisoning and the reason of food poisoning was E.coli bacteria. Alas! If they used cinnamon in the meat their would not a single death occur.

11. Benefits of Cinnamon on reducing bad cholesterol

Cinnamon is a great spice which is also beneficial for reducing fat. It is a great herb for treating obesity. While studding on 12 diabetic patient on their metabolism it gives another type of surprising result. The researchers observed that cinnamon identically reduced a great number of  LDL (bad cholesterol) and increase HDL (good cholesterol). It also helps to leveling systolic blood pressure.[10]

It is proves to be a well herb for controlling cholesterol level as well as blood pressure. So we can get a great health benefits of cinnamon by adding some  kanuka honey to reduce weight, blood pressure and cholesterol level.

12. Health benefits of cinnamon for Skin Care

Cinnamon gives us the numerous health benefits for our skin. It is not only  a promising herb for our health but also a great herb for skin care. Now the major skin benefits are shown in the following paragraphs:

a. Plumps Skin

By pluming the skin cinnamon enhances fine lines of it. Cinnamon can promote the blood vessels and  by utilizing it cinnamon bring blood to the surface of skin. The combination of 3 drops of essential cinnamon oil and 2 tea spoon of olive oil or petroleum jelly is very handy for us. Just use the mixture to fine lines on the skin. You must careful for your eyes.

After 7 minutes your lines will less noticeable. You can try it for thrice a week and after a regular using your plumps will out.It is also helpful to carried out plump up lips. It is a herbal alternative for lip gloss.

b. Daruchini for treating Eczema

In the outstanding herbal book of Karen Fischer named “The Eczema Diet: Echzema-safe food to stop the itch and prevent eczema for life” the author dignified cinnamon as a best herbal food to remove eczema. In the time of eczema problem this anti microbial herb helps to drive away the itching problem of eczema. (page-208)

One the other hand in the period of suffering eczema the patient can use it for both internal and external way. For the external usage a person can take 1 tea spoon of Cinnamon with 1 tea spoon of Neem leaves paste and an addition of Holy basil leaves. Now blend or boost them well after that apply them on the attacked area. It would better to apply whole body so that the eczema would not expand on the other part of the body.

c. Health benefit of cinnamon for Acne

Cinnamon and honey are the best solution for acne. In the book named The Cinnamon Book by James Direct and Emily Thacker, the author prescribed that if we take 1/4 cup of honey and one tea spoon of cinnamon and blend them well. After that dab a small portion of stuborn acne and go to bed. In the morning we have to rinse it well with a tempered warm water. Within a few week it will clear the pimples and bring back the glowing skin. 

According to the author it is a very gentle therapy. It does not results in any irritating skin problem. So it is a safe herbal remedy. The paste will also bring oxygen and blood to the surface. We must not use this treatment more than one week at a stretch. A long time use might lead skin irritation. Though this does not occur in the first 7 to 8 days treatment.

d. Cinnamon as an antiseptic

Cinnamon can be proclaimed as an outstanding antiseptic. It is a germ killer. The cinnamon essential oil is more effective in this case. On the other hand the dust of cinnamon also can be applied in the open wound or cut. Its anti bacterial effect works on the area and heals faster. This one of the great health benefits of cinnamon.

e. Cinnamon as an anti aging

Our skin is the outer surface of our body. If it looks so much wrinkled this will be a gloomy mater for us. Because of breaking down collagen our aging process is increased. Collagen is the important tissue connective protein. It helps our skin to keep itself safe from aging.

Cinnamon appears to boost up collagen level on the skin. The antioxidant properties and cinnamaldehyde work together for stimulating water and protein to our skin tissue. This process helps our skin to acquire more elasticity.

A book named, “NATURAL BEAUTY MAKE YOUR OWN ORGANIC COSMETICS AND BEAUTY PRODUCTS: MAKE …”  that is edited by RETRO READERS proclaimed that cinnamon is an extraordinary herb for anti aging benefits.

f. Cinnamon for removing blackheads

Many people suffers from blackheads. For blackheads the glowing skin and sweet faces come to a shape unwanted appearance. What can we do for removing blackhead? This is a common question for the beauty seeker. Many natural herbs we have already discussed that help you to remove blackheads. Such natural herbs are Aloe Vera, turmeric, neem paste and tulsi. 

13. Health benefits of cinnamon for Hair Care

Beautiful hairs denotes you to assume a great shape. The person who has weak and unhealthy hair he always feel shame and embarrass. The tedious feeling can be remove from these persons by applying cinnamon therapy. Health benefits of cinnamon in the realm of hair are have been illustrated bellow:

a. Health benefits of cinnamon as a hair lightener:

Many people love to get light in their hair. Lighten hair usually represent the fresh and healthy hair. Cinnamon and honey mix gives us light hair. To perform the task we have to use the pathway which has been described by James Direct and Emily Thacker in their book named ” The Cinnamon Book“.

In the page number 98 of the book they suggest the instructions very clearly. At first we can use our favorite conditioner in our hair. Then make a mixture of 2 table spoon of honey and 3 or 4 table spoon of cinnamon and grind them well. After that apply on the root to the edge of your all hair. Wrap the hair with a plastic paper or a towel and take rest for 30 minutes in a warm place. If you have a dryer it may be more helpful to you. To reveal the lighten hair rinse the conditioner with warm water.

b. Benefits of Cinnamon by Cleaning the Scalp

To nurture your scalp problem cinnamon is ready. Just make a paste of 1 tea spoon ground Daruchini (cinnamon), add 1/4 tea spoon of warm olive oil with them pure honey can be added in the portion of a table spoon.  It will work as the kingfisher who does not miss its target. All of the scalp will be cleaned afresh.

c. Hair Streaking is the benefits of cinnamon

To get beautiful summer streak in your hair just knock cinnamon and some other ingredients. The following concoction will give you great result.

At first combine two table spoon of honey and cinnamon. Now with the help of comb or pick, lift the desired number of hair expected tint area. Now apply the mixture and dry it in the sun or a dryer for 20 to 40 minutes. This natural combination will provide your hair the lightening effect of honey as well as the beautiful summer streak. (The Cinnamon Book page-98)

14. Health Benefits of cinnamon for pump lips:

Do you want to have fuller lips? Do you not want surgery or chemical injection? Cinnamon might be the best answer of these question. To enhance lips appearance many renowned manufacturing companies are using cinnamon as their main product.

Cinnamon contains the essential amount of cinnamaldehyde. Cinnamaldehyde helps the delicate lips’ tissue to enlarge and swell itself.

15. Health benefits of cinnamon for Tooth and Gum

Cinnamon may be a quite common part in many chewing gums as well as mouthwashes for various reason. One of the reasons is that the anti bacterial nature of cinnamon defend gums. As a result teeth are being saved from harm. Cinnamon enhances fresh breath too. The thing that you have to perform is very simple.

Strive oil propulsion with a drop of cinnamon oil in any vegetable oil. Simply sip it with sugar mixed cinnamon tea.

Cinnamon is thought to alleviate tooth pain. Just make  a paste utilizing 5 teaspoons of honey mix with one teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Now apply directly in the pain tooth twice or thrice a day. you are able to store this for further usage of the paste in a very small container at room temperature.

16. Cinnamon for Alertness, Mood, and Memory

Chewing cinnamon tasteful gum or just smelling the sweet spice has been discovered to boost brain activity. A research by Dr. P. Zoladz presented at the 2004 meeting of the Association for Chemoreception Sciences, at Sarasota, Florida stated that cinnamon boosts the processing power of the brain’s intellectualism. It was discovered to enhance test subjects scores associated with attention, memory and visual-motor speed when working at a computer.It had been discovered to boost the subjects scores related to our attention and memory furthermore visual-motor speed once functioning at a computer.

So for the enhancement of the brain activity cinnamon might be called as a superb brain tonic. Cinnamon will facilitate to eliminate nervousness and amnesia. The perfume of cinnamon also has the capability to boost brain activity. A team of Wheeling Jesuit University of US focused on the Matter.  Dr. P. Zoladz, the main researcher of that team, discovered that people of United Nations agency got cinnamon and improved their scores on psychological feature activities together with span, virtual recognition memory and visual-motor response speed.

There are many essential oils that come to have a revitalizing result in our memory, focus, cognitive function and alertness. Peppermint, rosemary, and cinnamon square measure are the best option.

In our previous post we discussed that holy basil is an anti stress herb. Now we are announcing Cinnamon is also an anti stress material and mood enhancer. Simply a whiff of cinnamon boosts alertness and additionally enhances mood.

17. Supports healthy blood circulation

Most of the studies have been occurred to cinnamon’s action on blood platelets. But it had been proved that cinnamon boosts up blood tissue and it provide healthy blood on the blood vessel. The collagen effects enhance the tissue wall to interlink itself.

So the people who suffers in unhealthy and low blood circulation rate can try honey and cinnamon to overcome the situation.

18. PMS:

Premenstrual symptoms is briefly known as PMS. Because of the presence of Manganese Cinnamon can be a great candidate to fight on the effects of PMS. According to the University of Maryland, women who assume 5.6 mg of manganese in their daily food habit had fewer mood cramps and swings compared to those who absorb only 1 mg of manganese.

These researches suggest that a rich diet of manganese may help reduce symptoms of PMS. One of the clinical studies found that 46 patients with PMS had identically lower amounts of chromium, calcium, copper and manganese in their blood.

But you should not eat more than 11 mg of Manganese in a day (about 12 cinnamon medium sticks) according NYU. According to the FDA guidelines a daily value of 2mg (about 2 medium sized Cinnamon sticks) has been suggested to assume per day to avoid side effects.

19. Benefits of Cinnamon on Cold, Flue and Sore throat

Cinnamon has its numerous usages. One of the best uses of cinnamon is taking it as a tea. Daruchini Tea or Cinnamon tea can be prepared by boiling its stick. The system of making this tea is as easy as making a cup of coffee. Boil water. Add sugar accordingly. You can add honey instead of sugar. The diabetes patient can do this.

Benefits of Cinnamon tea is awesome. It is a real remedy for sore throat. Additionally the consumer can enjoy the benefits of cinnamon on cold and flue. Is their any sign of sniffles or itching in your throat? Take a cup of the above mentioned tea. You will directly get the benefits of cinnamon. Within 5-10 minutes your problem will be solved.

Huge benefits of cinnamon can be acquired by stopping an impending illness in our respiratory track. Besides this is the anti bacterial properties and warming elements of Cinnamon. In addition to that its propensity to embed blood flow and improve oxygen levels of blood to fight against illness. This has been used as a well-known and traditional medicine in Chinese. The Chinese commonly recommends Cinnamon for curing coughs.

20.Benefits of Cinnamon as Energy Booster

Cinnamon contains some nutrients that give you instant energy. So it can be called as a natural energy drink. By applying a pinch of cinnamon in a cup of hot tea for the boost of energy. And take it in every morning. You will feel well throughout the day.

21. Benefits of Cinnamon for Breast Feeding

According to United States Department of Agriculture cinnamon contains calcium, potassium, Zinc and many other important minerals. These minerals are really very helpful for child. In the time of breast feeding every mother should try this. The numerous health benefits of cinnamon will keep both the mother and child healthy.

Cinnamon also helps to produce milk in a moderate level. So the mother who does not get milk on her breast can take cinnamon to solve the problem.

22. Benefits of Cinnamon in Alzheimer’s Prevention

One of the more surprising benefits of cinnamon is its power to assist in Alzheimer’s prevention. In addition to that benefits of cinnamon with other cognitive problems are marvelous.

After getting benefits of cinnamon directly as your supplement you want to utilize it as a daily dose. Specialists think that you will never rely on cinnamon powder for merely cooking and baking.

Many substances have been found in cinnamon. These substances account for their capability for helping in preventing the malady. Scientific researches are promising. However it results are miraculous. Cinnamon effects on the brain goodly. If somebody thinks that he is vulnerable to Alzheimer’s he should start taking it. It will be a smart decision to take cinnamon as a supplement for Alzheimer’s prevention.


23. Benefits of Cinnamon for Balancing Hormones

The cinnamaldehyde is helpful for balancing hormones specially in women. This element makes cinnamon an excellent organic remedy to exemplify before ensuring it as the medication. But we must have to talk to our physician. We also have to follow their advice. If they give approval before starting on the supplementation we can carry on. Though Cinnamon is an herbal spice we do not know how it will respond with our body.

The reason of saying cinnamon as the special herb for woman is logically proclaimed. Cinnamon acts to lessen the amount of testosterone produced by women. On the other hand it boosts the amount of progesterone in their body. This gives a great benefits of cinnamon for the hormone balancing in the female health.

Studies proves the benefits of cinnamon in balancing hormone in our body. It can behave as hormone balance. We should take it as a supplement. We can simply sprinkle it in our daily food. But we should also aware of the doses. It must not be over dosed.

Cinnamon Dosage and Cautions

Experts come in the opinion that one must not eat cinnamon more than between two and five grams of cinnamon per day. On the contrary, the benefits of cinnamon will turn into bad effect. Cinnamon contains coumarin. This is a poisonous substance. In a little and tolerable amount of it is not harmful. But a higher dose will be very destructive.

A Norwegian research discovers that  more than 0.07 milligrams of Coumarin per kilogram of the body-weight of a person is harmful. Pregnant woman are striclty prohibited in absorbing coumarin. If it is possible to extract the essential elements of cinnamon from coumarin it would not very toxic. Consuming extreme amount of cinnamon is not a good way to prevent ourselves from different diseases.

In fact, common people should try to eat cinnamon moderately for preventing themselves from any cinnamon side effects. Taking cinnamon as the pill should also be verified by consulting with doctors. Cinnamon can create effects on homeopathic treatment. Some chemical also are reactive to cinnamon.

Thus before taking cinnamon and another herb or medicine one should discuss the matter with the specialist doctor.

Cinnamon Side Effects

Benefits of Cinnamon can not be denied. But we also should keep in our mind that the inner bark of cinnamon trees contains some adverse elements that can hit our liver, digestive track and kidney. Now a days due to the health benefits of cinnamon it has been utilized for a wide variety of ways. In relation to several benefits of cinnamon we should aware in some cases. Because we need to take care when we are consuming it. There are several  negative effects of cinnamon.

1. Premature Labor

Cinnamon are being prohibited for pregnant women.During pregnancy it can eliminate indigestion. As a result stomach pains can be appear. Cinnamon causes uterine contractions. It also responsible for premature labor.

Even a pregnant woman should not smell the scent of cinnamon oil. They also should avoid taking cinnamon daily.

2. Liver Failure

Benefits of cinnamon like Ceylon is more than that of cassia cinnamon. Because they contain small amount of coumarin. Coumarin is responsible for liver failor. So we should not take cassia cinnamon for to get benefits of cinnamon.

Maximum types of cinnamon have coumarin around 5%. Coumarin in huge doses might result in liver failure . So we should not eat much cinnamon.

3. Blood Thinners

Cassia cinnamon thins our blood. This is a great benefits of cinnamon. But things are not gives same benefits for everybody. The people who is suffering from thin blood they should not take cinnamon. In this case the benefits of cinnamon like Ceylon cinnamon is awesome. It contains less blood thinning properties than the properties of other type of cinnamon. So to get benefits of cinnamon like blood thinning medication take Ceylon cinnamon.

4. Skin Irritation

We know the benefits of cinnamon for our skin is massive. But we also have to conscious that cinnamon oil can cause a skin irritation. Some time it results burning up feeling. Raw taking in our mouth can burn our tongue. So before taking we must pay attention to its limit. More than 3 mlg can be intolerable for us. The cinnamon essential oil is also more sensational. So undiluted oil should be avoided in taking large amount.

5. Elevated Heart Rate

Benefits of cinnamon for cardiovascular diseases is great. However there is a problem in taking it as an ingestion. It sometime causes the rise of the heartbeat. It also causes the rapid heart beat for the children. Before use cinnamon oil should be diluted.

6. Choking Hazard

Taking cinnamon in a great amount can cause choking hazard. Some teens play cinnamon swallowing game with its powder. It is incredibly destructive game. Because in cinnamon there are several choking hazard elements are present. If a sever choking hazard occur it can carry away the life of a child.

If death does not occur the powder may inter in the lungs. It causes major lungs infection. This will lead us to the respiratory system damage.

7. Stomach Irritation

Whenever we consume extreme amount of cinnamon we will experience an irritation in our stomach lining. Persons having gastrointestinal problems such as stomach ulcers will possibly experience this side effect of cinnamon to the large scale.

8. Mouth Irritation

Cinnamon impact a burning sensation onto the skin. Person who has mouth ulcers can observe a burning sensation in their mouth. It may be combined with pain. It could occur after eating the cinnamon. The essential oil also cause irritation to the mucous membrane. So it is important that we have to take a diluted version to get benefits of cinnamon.

9. Lowering blood sugar

We know cinnamon reduces blood sugar. Many studies have proved it. But a huge amount of taking cinnamon sometime causes dropping in blood sugar. That may cause death if we do not aware that the patient is in the condition of blood sugar dropping.

So we should speak with the physician before taking cinnamon. We also can take it in small portion. It may not harmful for us.

Therefor, Cinnamon is a great herb. The health benefits of cinnamon are massive. It helps us to cure diabetes, blood pressure, weight loss and many other health problems. One of the great health benefits of cinnamon is in fighting tumor cell. But we must not take cinnamon in a large degree. Cinnamon is helpful. We should take it in that portion which is not harmful for us.

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    Good information. I have one doubt. . I am breastfeeding and baby is just 2 and half months old. . I had concentrated cinnamon water 2 days continues.
    Baby starts crying without any reason. . And later I realized it s because of cinnamon. . Any complications for the baby. . ? Any problem in the future for her liver or kidney. ? Please give me a reply. .

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