Black Seed Oil Health Benefits and Side effects

Nigella Sativa Plant

Nigella Sativa Plant

What is Black cumin and from Where Black Cumin Seeds are obtained? Is it beneficial to health? Are the health benefits proven practically? What are the side effects of Black seeds Cumin oil? With the detail answer of these questions here we are.

An annual flowering plant, that comes from the family Ranunculceaeproduces Nigella sativa (black seeds cumin). By this seed the great herbal product Black Cumin Seeds  Oil is prepared.

Black Seeds (Kala Jeera)

Black Seeds (Kala Jeera)

There are several names of this outstanding herbal product. It is usually called as Nigella sativa (from English), kalonji (from Hindi), fennel flower, Kala Zira(from Bengali), nutmeg flower, black caraway, and Roman coriander (from Europe).

Kala Zira plants grow about 20 to 30 cm tall. The leaves are tiny and the it divided as if an artist painted some line design in the wall. The flowers are usually white in color. But there are available some flowers with white, pink, pale blue or pale purple, yellow and blue colored. There are usually 5 to 10 petals per flower. Under the flower seed pot the Black cumin gathered.

Proven Health Benefits of (Kala Jeera) or Kalonji Black cumin seeds Oil

Black seed Oil

Black seed Oil

Black seeds have been being used from the light of historical civilization. The Greek Physician Hippocrates who is considered as the father of western medicine used Black seeds for the treatment of metabolic and digestive disorders. The Great Prophet Muhammad (SM) called the Black Seeds, “The medicine for every kinds of illness except death.” Cleopatra used it as her beauty product.

It is specially used as the spices. But who knows that spice is the herb for various kinds of deadly diseases. This special herb Black seeds and honey have also been mentioned in the Holy book Al-Quran. In the holy Bible this curative black cumin has been mentioned in Isaiah (28:25, 27 NKJV) . Before illustrating the health benefits of the holly herbs (Kala Jeera) we should discuss the properties of it.

1. Black seeds Cumin oil for Cancer Treatment

Since modern medical science failed to cope the Killer named Cancer, they are searching more and more options. They did not miss black seeds cumin to test. After few days of testing the fact comes out to us. Black seeds Cumin Oil has the properties which can be said as a powerful tonic for the cancer.

Croatian scientists bring out the news that an strong anti tumor product name thymoquinine and thymohydroquinine is present in this oil. A test to the mice proved that  thymohydroquinine can effect to decrease 52% of tumor cell.

Thymoquinine(TQ) is an anti tumor product. It also works to prevent Ovarian Cancer. According to US National Institution of Health couple of research proved that TQ is a potential candidate for immune competent for deleting the ovarian cancer.[1]

Another expedition brings out that  black cumin seed oil (BCS oil) is a responsible product for its medicinal effects as well as It also showing promise for the treatment of breast cancer. This clinical study applied to some female rat’s which are suffering for breast cancer. Black Seeds Cumin Oil displayed an outstanding result is preventing tumor cells from the breast. It indicates that very soon some human research can be launched to bring out a revolutionary change in the treatment of breast cancer.[2]

2. Black Seed Oil for the treatment of toxoplasmosis  Infection:

Toxoplasmosis is a kind of infection which sreads from the domestic and pet animals like cat. This infection is generally caused by Toxoplasma gondii protozoon. In the treatment of this infection physician usually suggest the higher dose of antibiotic like Pyrimethamine (Daraprim). 

Many patients can not tolerate Pyrimethamine. Though Black seeds cumin oil does not work alone to prevent toxoplasmosis infection. But an innovative treatment result comes to the public that Nigela Sativa Oil combined with pyrimethamine works significantly in defeating toxoplasmosis infection.[3]   

3. Black Seed Oil for Inflammation and Infections:

The anti inflammatory properties of black seed oil stop any types of infections. Black seed oil also can kill many kind of superbugs. The general antibiotics has a adverse effect in our body. The world is now on the search of alternative medicine.

Black Seed Oil strengthen our immunity. As a result many kinds of infection like ordinary staph infection can be treated by the miraculous herb. So rather depending on Antibiotic take black seed as the herbal remedy.

4. Black seed oil for Liver treatment:

Liver gives us the energy to metabolize diverse food elements. Due to our food habits it usually has to suffer many kind of problems. A huge amount of high protein absorption causes the enlargement of liver.

Many types of water vehicular disease also causes hepatic diseases. Black seed works as a antibiotic and saves as from many kinds of liver problems.

A study on rat proves that treatment with black seed oil lifts up GSH, SDH, G-6-Pase, Serum Protien, Na+-K+-ATPase, NO, phospholipids levels and weakens MDA, AST, SOD, ALT and ALP. It also Lessens collagen content and improves in liver and kidney architectures.[4]

5. Black Seed Oil for the treatment of Diabetes:

The patient of diabetes suffers a lot for their weak metabolism. Besides the medicine they take everyday that medicine leads them to the 0% metabolic power day by day. An article in the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism is published. In the research article the specialists of Indian Council of Medical Research focus that black seed cumin Oil, “causes a gradual partial regeneration of pancreatic beta-cells, increases the lowered serum insulin concentrations and decreases the elevated serum glucose.”

Various potential mechanism of kalonji including its antioxidant effects improve glycemic status and lipid profile in diabetes models.[5]

6. Black Seed Oil for the treatment of Asthma:

Asthma is one of the very common inflammatory disease of lungs. Coughing, wheezing, short breathing, chest tightness, bronchospasm and many other symptoms. There are many causes of Asthma. Medical Science express many causes too. By mingling the all causes we can say that it occurs due to genetic and environmental reasons.

Whether it is genetic or non-genetic black seed oil cures all kind of asthma patient. Honey with black seed oil gives a powerful immunity to cure asthma.

7. Black Seed Oil for Kidneys

Kidney is the filter of our body. Black seed oil helps the structural improvement of kidneys. [4] It helps to protect the kidneys from many kinds of infection. Black seed oil also revealed that it is a tonic for proper functioning of our both kidneys.

A person who takes daily a tea spoon of Black seed oil with 1 tea spoon pure honey enjoys good kidney function even after his 80.

8. Black Seeds Oil for Hypertension or Blood Pressure:

Black seed oil helps to cure hypertension. It directly works on reducing systolic blood pressure and diastolic BP. One of the interesting matter is that it does not have any single adverse effect if it is taken 2.5 ml twice in a day.

A study of some volunteers proves that black cumin seed oil is a promising herb for high blood pressure patients.[7]

9. Black Seed Oil for Hair

Black seed works well for our hair. It also helps to cure the hair skin problems. Many practical human studies give the proof that black seed oil is a great elevator for quick hair growth.

Some reveals that after using the mixture of black seed oil and onion extracts the people get back their hair. Those people who have lost their hair due to taking higher antibiotic are very beneficial to black cumin seeds for getting back their hair.

Arabian hair specialists suggests to add methi or Fenugreek Seeds with black seed oil and apply it to the hair it will works more fast growing.

10. Black Seed Oil for Skin

Many people suffers for dry skins. Adding olive oil and a cucumber with 3 ml black seed oil rub it to the face. After 5 minutes wash it with slightly cold water. Your dry skin problem within 2 weeks.

Turmeric paste with three drop of honey and 5 drop of black seed oil give us the glowing and faultless skin. It also removes dark circle.

Side Effects of Black Seed Oil

As Nigela sativa is a fat product. More over as a well we must take it in a limited portion. A question arises whether Black Seed Oil has the side effects or not. Many herbalists recommends black seed cumin oil for their patient without telling them any specific side effect. But some side effects occurs due to undisciplined absorption of Black Seed Cumin oil.

However black seed cumin is a high dose of thymoquine. Absorbing too much in a single day can not be tolerated by our stomach. So to smooth digestion we must avoid taking much of it.

Much or over taking in a single dose can cause harmful effect for our blood circulation. It can leads some cardiovascular problems too.

The pregnant woman should not inhale black seed oil. Though studies does not prohibit it. But some practical evident disclosed that pregnant women suffers from urinary tract problems.

There is a question, Do black Seed a have any ameliorative effects? Is it a increaser of LDL or HDL? In answering these questions some clinical studies were prepared. But the result of the study is impressive. Moreover, the evidence from experimental studies suggests that Black seed oil is a promising natural therapy for dyslipidemic patients too. [6]



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