Health benefits of Tulsi (The Holy Basil) & Usage Part-II

The ideal Tulsi drinks

The ideal Tulsi drinks

It is worth mentioning that the benefits of Tulsi is more precious than any other herbs. In Part II we are going to illustrate the rest of internal usage of Tulsi (the holy Basil). In the realm of internal usage we already have discussed about the health benefits of Tulsi in digestive sector, respiratory system and an explained views of Tulsi tea in part I. Now the other internal and external usage of tulsi are displayed below:

Health Benefits of Tulsi in Nervous System:

Tulsi, the holy basil, has enormous nervine properties. It has name and fame to recover our nervous system. It is very useful to apply a patient in the time When somebody suffers in anxieties, stress, mild depression, insomnia and different sort of stress-related problems such as headaches and irritable bowel syndromes.

Stress is a part and parcel to our body. It happens occasionally with us.  How holy basil reduces our anxiety is that it has the power of reducing our blood pressure. It also has somehow a recovery of our stamina. It is due to the power of cortisol, a steroid hormone, which comes from the adrenal gland in case of stress. Moreover tulsi’s antioxidant is reposeful for the adaptogenic effect. So it has the ability to increase resilience  and relieve us from stress.

Health Benefits of tulsi in our urinary system:

Tulsi keeps our urinary system smooth and clear. The children and adults who suffers from burning and stinging sensation after discharging urine they can be prescribed to take tulsi juice or tea.

Health benefits of tulsi in Urinary system

Urinary Tract infection

This physical abnormality are usually called Dysuria. Dysuria occurs due to some reasons like kidney stone, urethral stricture, cystitis, urinary tract infection by bacteria etc.The natural way to get rid of Dysuria is taking tulsi regularly.

Health Benefits of tulsi in our metabolic system:

Tulsi strengthens our metabolic system. The person who consume tulsi in a limited portion regularly enjoys more metabolic power than those person who does not takes tulsi. The chemical reaction of living orgasms including digestion, transportation substances in between different cells, digestion of protein are moderately developed by tulsi’s constituents. Test tube examination results that Ursolic acid is a powerful inhibitor of (Arachidonic acid) COX-2 enzyme. So it enhance our secondary and intermediary metabolic power.

Health Benefits of tulsi in Cardiology system:

Health benefits of tulsi by keeping heart healthy

Health benefits of tulsi by keeping heart healthy

The consumer of tulsi tea as herbs are less likely to seem in the risk of heart attack. The tulsi or the holy basil works as cardiac assistant which has anti stress capacity. The inhibitors of the holy basil stay safe in risk of hypertension. The rich and important acids of tulsi controls cholesterol level of blood. It keeps blood pressure low. Tulsi helps to keep a healthy cardiac system. So you can enjoy a healthy heart by absorbing Tulsi.

Some other common Benefits of Tulsi

Fever Recovery:

Tulsi is an excellent herb in curing fever. Tulsi tea or Tulsi leaves extract works more effective than paracetamol and Aspirin. More over the anti bacterial and anti virus ingredients of tulsi helps to cure a patient more effectively. The most interesting matter is that it also helps our digestive system so most of unlike most of the fever pill it does not need any gastric peel like antacid or omeprazole.

In case of malaria fever it works as eternal herb. When somebody catches cold he or she may take this herb for a quick recovery.

Sexual weakness and infertility Recovery:

Tulsi is very helpful for the people who suffers acute sexual weakness. Unhappy sexual relation always leads to destroy the conjugal life. To get rid of sexual weakness such as haste erections, Incapability of penis a patient need to take tulsi by this way:

Collect 200 mg Tulsi seeds, Mix 500 gram sugar candy with it and take them with glass of cow milk. take it every day at evening. You will be gifted with unbound sexual pleasure as well as your infertility will be changed into fertility.

Removing Kidney Stones:

Tulsi, the holy Basil, works well to eradicate kidney stones. By dint of cortisol hormone extracting it helps to eliminate kidney stones and many other urinary diseases.

A fighter against diabetes:

Tulsi absorbing person does not attack with diabetes. More over in controlling sugar level in a desired level there is no alternative of tulsi. For its metabolically effect it helps the cell to transform the blood sugar in to cell power in mitochondria. So it is declared that tulsi is a fighter aginst diabetes.

An anti cancer:

The anti oxidant and many other essential elements of Tulsi helps to prevent cancer. Many experiment also covers a good positive result of working against cancer cell. Study of Dr. Chopra proved that Tulsi works as a natural chemotherapy. There is also good sign in response to anti radiotherapy issue. Tulsi helps to recover a cancer patient after having radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It also removes nausea after having chemotherapy.

Benefits of Tulsi by its External Usage:

Organic Massage oil

Tulsi massage oil is a great organic oil. This massage oil is so helpful for the infant. Even a child suffering from pneumonia is more importantly needed tulsi massage.

Tulsi Infant massage oil

Tulsi Infant massage oil

To prepare Tulsi massage oil, we need 15-20 gm juice (Tulsi leaves’ extract) . Than mix it with a cup of Ghee (A kind of Oil that is made of butter). After that, boil them in 100° C- 200° C for 5 minutes. Now it is ready to start massage.

There are three usefulness of this massage.

  1. It drives cold, cough, pneumonia etc. keep respiratory system clear.
  2. Create a wall of antibody so that the infant can stay away from such illness.
  3. Develop healthy muscles.

Migraine Headache

Tulsi has been studied that it has marvelous curing properties in Migraine pain. However, not only Migraine pain but also all sort of minor headache is relieve able by the following way.

Take 5 pieces of Tulsi leaves. Wash it well. Extract some juice from Tulsi leaves. take them in a dropper and pour four drops in the nose. You will be recovered from the headache in a over hasted time.

Skin care

In the organic treatment system tulsi invaded many other herbs for its extraordinary health benefits. Alike Neem and Aloe vera, Tulsi (The holy basil) has its unique power of natural healing. Its anti fungal and anti bacterial components it save our skin and face from many dangerous skin disease.

In the kingdom of external uses of Tulsi as skin disease treatment works very effectively. It removes acne. It cures leprosy. It develop skins immunity. It saves from insect bites. It cures rashes. There are a wide range of using tulsi as a make up base.  To know more about skin care facilities of tulsi and many other External uses, Please keep your eyes on this website. We are coming with a detail descriptions of Skin, Hair and dental care elements of Tulsi in the Part-III of the sequence of Health Benefits of Tulsi.

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