Neem or Indian Lilac: the miraculous herbal plant


Neem tree

Neem tree

Neem or Indian Lilac, that is familiarly known as  Neem has been an essential part of Ayurveda for the benefits related with it. It is a miraculous herb that is usually available, throughout the year and has many profits that only a few natural products can provide. For its numerous advantages, it is called village pharmacy.[1]

Neem has anti-bacterial, anti fungal, anti parasitic, anti inflammatory and analgesic possession. This article is aimed at the Introduction, Cultivation Process, and Description of this miraculous neem tree.

Next, there will be further discussion about the herbal benefits and various products that are made from neem tree.

Neem the miraculous harbal plant

Neem, the miraculous harbal plant

Neem Plant

The Bionominal name of Neem is Azadirasta indica. It is a member of Meliaceae familly. It is from the genus of Azadirachta. Etymologically the name neem is a hindi as well as bangla word which is derived from Sanskrit Nimba. In English, it also called as Margosa. 

How to look at

Neem or Indian Lilac: The miraculous herbal plant grows more than 50 feet high. It is a woody plant. We can call it is a cousin of Mahogany.

A grown up tree can be 100 inch on round-width. Its leaves are small. They are usually 1 to 2 inch long and 2 to 3 cm wide.



The edge of the leaves are curved in design. Neem tree is an evergreen tree. So the leaves always remain green except in the time of drought.




Where found Neem

The miraculous herbal tree is originated from Indian subcontinent and can be found massively in India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Srilanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and many other countries of Asia. In the 19th century, Neem has been introduce to South Africa. There is a record of controlling malaria in Ghana by this tree.[2]

There are 50,000 plant in Saudi Arabia which has been planted by the philanthropic person named Ziaur Rahman, the formal president of Bangladesh.

Neem: A Tree for Solving Global Problems

A page of the book Neem: A Tree for Solving Global Problems’ that shows the Neem tree of Florida.

Now this tree spreads all over the world where there is the summer based climate. In Caribbean, In Miami, Florida this tree spreads its leaves by standing happily. This tree is now become a popular tree in desert areas like Shahara.

The tree does not have access to go every land. But there is hardly any area where the product of this tree can not be found.

How to Cultivate Neem

It is easy to cultivate a Neem Tree. In the tropical Area these trees grows up wildly without any care. Rainy season is the best time of planting neem tree. You can get the Neem fruits, collect its strong seed and plant it in a fertile land. After coming up the green tender leaves, water the plant in every morning or in evening. Make sure that the tree is getting sun rays regularly. So select a sunny place for its plantation.

History of the uses of Neem

Neem or Indian Lilac, the miraculous herbal plant, has a great mythological history. In Hinduism there have been a lot of descriptions of Neem. About 4500 year ago, there was the use of this herbal tree. This news has been gotten from Sushruta Samhita the oldest herbal book. In Mohenjo Daro and Harappathere was the proof of using this tree.

Products of Neem

There are several precious products of the Neem or Indian Lilac. We can use them in different purpose. People of India use it from their wake up to their go to bed. They starts their day with brushing their teeth by Neem twigs. They sleep by spreading its leaves on their bed so that they can be save from bugs.

Different types of Neem medicines and Cosmetics also are available in the stores. There are different types of usages of Neem products too. The most common products are Neem oil, Neem leaves, Neem Vegitables boost, Neem Soap, Neem Face wash, Neem Pasticide, Neem anti lies shampoo etc.

We obviously  will discourse in detail how you can make Neem oil or other herbal products from the tree. We will also discuss about the benefits of Neem as an herbal properties. So keep your eyes on our page.


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