Top 25 Proven Health Benefits of Ginger

What is Ginger?

Health benefits of Ginger

Ginger (Adrak/ Ada)

Ginger, an English name of a kind of Herbal condiment, is used as spice of curry. The scientific name of ginger is Zingiber  officinale.  It is probably originated in South Asia. At present it is cultivated and cultured all over the world. There is hardly any kitchen which uses no ginger. There is a well reputation of ginger as a herb.

India is the country from where Ginger is exported. Many other countries of Europe and America also produce Adrak (Indian name of ginger). It is widely used in china, Thailand, Bangladesh, Japan, Spain, Canada, USA, UK and many other countries of the world. It is produced as a cash crop in America and Africa. In Latin America a kind of soft drink like beer is prepared from ginger. They call it as ginger ale[1].

What Part of ginger is used?

Ginger is a plant from the family of Zingiberaceae. We know that the mostly useful part of this kind of plant are their rhizome. Rhizome is nothing but the root of the plant. Plants like Turmeric, Melegueta pepper, Ginger are used specially as spice and folk medicine. There are a little use of the Ginger leaves too. Ginger plant are used to make wine like Ginger Beer. The alcohol which is made from ginger plant are also used to prepare homeopathic medicine.

The Properties and Nutrients of Ginger

Ginger contains many nutrients in it. It can be called as a super spice and super food. Many people believes that the plant is a holy gift of Almighty. Specialists found that Ginger contains proteins, useful Fat, fiber, carbohydrate, ash, calcium, phosphorous, potassium, Vitamin A and vitamin C.

Nutrients of Ginger

A Table that showing the Nutrients of Ginger

The fat or oil what contains in ginger is very helpful for blood cell. Like Green Coconut water ginger carries with it potassium. Potassium is an important nutrients of our body. There is a great scarcity of natural source of potassium except ginger and Green Coconut. As ginger is a great source of vitamin A, B and C it can be used as the drug for the shortage of vitamins like them. According to Wikipedia Ginger contains vitamin B complex including thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Vitamin B6, Folate etc. These all are so much important for each and every person of the world.

Apart from the above mentioned ingredients, ginger carries some other constituents like  zingerone, shagaol, gingerols etc. These give a curry beautiful flavour. For a lot of nutrients properties ginger can be declare as a super food.

Proven Health Benefits Of Ginger:

Ginger for its extra ordinary benefits, many studies in the sphere of medical science and research take it as their subject. After a long time research they finds both the side effects of ginger and proven health benefits of ginger. We are going to discuss about 25 proven health benefits with some researched information.

1. Nausea

The best work of ginger is stopping Nausea. Nausea is a kind of discomfort in the upper stomach. This problem leads a patient to involuntary urge for vomiting.There is no significant or particular reason behind it. It occurs for different causes.

Placebo (A chemical medicine that used before Surgery)

Placebo (A chemical medicine that used before Surgery)

Whatever, the reason is ginger as a organic product is very efficient to this patient of Nausea and vomiting. The chemical drug like placebo which has some adverse effects can be replaced by 1 gm ginger. A specialist named Br J Anaesth from the Department of Complementary Medicine, School of Postgraduate Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Exeter, UK. studied that ginger is superior to placebo and same level for its effectiveness as metoclopramide.[2]

So in case of any type of nausia and stomach unwanted inner disbursement Ginger is applicable as an ultimate herb. As a folk medicine all the village doctors use it to get an adverse reaction free tonic of Nausea.

Among 6 patient 5 gets positive result of curing from vomiting. A passenger of bus sometimes falls in this embarrassing situation. The people who can not tolerate bus journey are requested to keep ginger juice with him. only a tea spoon of ginger juice can solve his or her problem. So it is time to give up the chemical pill and take the organic care of ginger in the problem of Nausea.

2. Health benefits of ginger in the treatment of Cough and Cold:

Ginger fight against cough and cold. In case of bronchitis the juice of ginger with tulsi give an extra ordinary result. The people who are caught by cold can apply ginger tea to a quick relief. In folk medicine of India a Doctor prepares a mixer of ginger extracts and black pepper for presenting a miraculous herb for their Asthma, Bronchitis and cough and cold patient. A regular absorbency of Ginger and tulsi tea keep our respiratory system fit.

3. Health benefits of ginger in the Loss of appetite:

After attacking of flu or fever we normally loss our appetite. Some people generally suffer from loss of appetite. As a result they eat less and unhealthy foods like chips, fried junk foods. Day by day they suffers from many types of stomach disease. they also losses their appetite for daily meal and healthy foods like vegetable.

3 teaspoon of Ginger extract with two teaspoon of lemon juice and a piece of Black pepper mixed with

By adding ginger extract in all the curry the foods get good flavour and children who do not want to eat they get appetite for all foods.

4. Health benefits of ginger in the treatment of  Dysentery

In the treatment of dysentery ginger is a master herb. Not only it clears germ from the intestine tract but also it provides many nutrients. This nutrients help the patient to recover his lacking of essential elements of the blood. His fragile health again get the energy to boost up with a rejuvenation.

5. Ginger Act against Cancer

Cancer like ovary cancer, gastrointestinal cancer and some particular cancers are curable with the help of ginger. Though there are many information about the efficiency of preventing cancer with the help of ginger it is still under debate.But, already many researches proved that ginger is an effective malady for the treatment of ovary cancer.

Health benefits of Ginger in ovary cancer

ovary cancer

Ovary cancer is a preventable cancer by the help of Ginger.  It destroy the cancer ovary cancer cells. Not only the nutrients of ginger ruin the cancer ovary cells but also they stop the reproducing of them.

Gastrointestinal cancer is a very common cancer. The death rate of this sort of cancer is nearly 95%. The treatment system is also very expensive. The result is also frustrated. By inhibiting ginger extract regularly one can avoid this common phenomenon.

6. Ginger works against Diarrhea

Ginger has the anti fungal and anti viral properties. It works well in curing food poisoning. The anti bacterial forms helps to destroy all the diarrhea maker elements. It clears the stomach and gives benefits to get back the lost energy. Iranian Traditional Madicine (ITM) believes that ginger as a phytomedicine cures diarrhea.

7. Ginger helps to overcome the problem of Flatulence

The main cause of flatulence is the generation of gasses in our stomach. The intestine gasses causes ulcer, abdomen pain, and excessive flatulence. By absorbing ginger one can avoid these three problems of stomach.

Some people suffers a type of hard flatulence which does not want to out easily. Some people try it to push away by creating pressure. These pressure can causes harm to brain and heart. We inspire this person to take 2gm ginger extract per day. Your problem will be solved at once.

8. Ginger in Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a kind of abdominal discomfort. It occurs due to over eating, irregular eating, quick eating etc. Taking much junk food and smoking also responsible for it. These type of patient suffers from anxiety, obesity, stress, irritating etc. The low digestive power and intestine gas are the main form of this syndrome. The person who suffers from Irritable bowel syndrome are requested to give up the above mentioned bad habits. To get rid of the problem take 1 teaspoon ginger extract and a black pepper after taking your mourning breakfast. In addition to that a ripe papaya as a dessert also very helpful for the patient of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

9. Ginger cures Alzheimer’s Disease

The Alzheimer’s disease is a kind of brain problem. It damages our brain cell and leads us to dementia. The cure of Alzheimer’s disease is still under research. So we can say no cure has been discovered yet. But herbal treatment are very fruitful for controlling and healing this disease. The people of 65 and more than this age are often suffer by this syndrome. Herbal treatment can slow the process of the cell damaging. So one can get prolonged time for their happy memories.

There are some kitchen spices which are proved as the highly promising natural remedy against Alzheimer’s Disease. The combination of   ginger, rosemary, cinnamon, sage, Chinese celery, Salvia herbs and some other natural components is very efficient for the treatment of AD and dementia.[3]

10. Ginger helps to weight loss and drives away Obesity

Obesity is a most common phenomenon in the world. People seek the pathway of weight loss.Most of the people who wants to be slim are starving in the name of dieting. As a result they become seek and loose their smartness and personality.

Ginger can be the integral part of eradicating obesity. Ginger lessens the risk of metabolism of an overweight person. 2g of ginger powder beverage can help you to become slim.[4]

11. Morning Sickness

The sufferer of morning sickness can take the option of ginger. Taking chemical drug like placebo, Avomin can be avoided. The pregnant women who suffer most in motion sickness and morning sickness are studied to have a great benefit by taking ginger. Ginger is a calming agent . Clinical taste prove that ginger helps to cure vomiting and morning sickness in early pregnancy. It is a matter of great interest that medical science is now realizes that natural foods and herbs have the greatest value.

12. Arthritic Inflammation:

The sportsmen and daily labors mostly suffer from Arthritic Inflammation. The elderly people also affected by it. It causes bone detraction, inflammation, pain and debility. The present chemical medicine of Allopathy only gives symptomatic relieve. However, the phytochemical properties of ginger have a great therapeutic profit including amelioration of Arthritic Inflammation.[5]

13. Migraine

Migraine is one of the harmful or opposite effect of different tussue of brain by the presence of prostaglandin. It is a substance that has the power to create inflammation in the blood-vessels. It develops in the brain blood-vessels and results migraine. This creates a heavy pain in the head. Ginger is found to stop the harmful effect of prostaglandin. It saves a person from migraine.

14. Tastelessness:

Ginger boost up the digestive system. It has  ingredients like shagaol, gingerols which provides flavor. It stimulate our taste organ. By random taking of ginger we will be gifted a taste oriented tongue. Ginger removes tastelessness and take back the taste sense for food.

Actually for our sluggish digestive system we often loss our appetite for food. It disburse our PH level. It causes acidity and tastelessness. Many other symptoms occur like burp, flatulence, gastric etc. Everyday 1 gram ginger extract is enough to solve the problem.

15. Intestinal care

The main action of Adrak (ginger) is the direct working agent on intestine problem. It produces many components that helps the intestine to work properly. It clears intestine tracts. It helps digestive system. It removes gastrointestinal. Many study proves that all sort of stomach disturbance can be cured by ginger.

It invites different enzyme and hormone to absorb protein and other food products. It increases appetite and keep stomach ready to digest.

16. Works in curing Jaundice

There are some evident of ginger in curing jaundice at the middle eastern alternative medicine specialist. The Iranian scholars research that the primary stage of jaundice can be cured by applying ginger. When Bilirubin’s level is high ginger helps to keep it nearly the normal level.[6] 

17. Strengthen Immunity

When your stomach is OK for digesting food. Your metabolic system also gives you energy support in the absorbing all necessary body extract. Then what will stop you inhale the vitamins and minerals in the body?

We know vitamins and minerals helps us to fight against disease. In Ginger there is the presence of Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin c. Besides, there are enormous nutrients like potassium, phosphorous etc. makes our body cell a shield of Achilles. Thus we can say that ginger provides us with great immunity system.

18. Burp

Burp occurs very often for any kinds of digestive problem. Indian herbalist refers that when someone suffers on acidic burp he must take 2 ml ginger with a pinch of Rock salt. He will get the result immediately.

19. Male Fertility

The male infertility is the main reason to break up marriage. Statistics shows that 40% of divorce occurs in SAARC nations are due to male infertility. Every day a cup of ginger can bring the fertility of male. It is a proven herb for male fertility. In the Ayurveda study it works 67% of male fertility on 200 men.

20. Sexual Desire

Many researches prove that the combination of ginger with some other herbs can cure Erectile Dysfunction. It also increases sexual desire. Like AVENA SATIVA it boosted up our sexual neuron. The Europeans and Jamaican people likes to take ginger beer before their sex relation. But beer may cause harm for us. Because it is made with bug. Which can create discomfort both for our mentality and body.

But truth lies in the ginger extract. Daily taking of ginger extract and a cup of cow milk will stimulate your sexual desire. Ginger increases circulating system. So it is used as an aphrodisiac for hundreds of year. The most interesting matter is that it boost both a male sex and female. The consumer felt extraordinary circulation on their sexual organs. The women feels a desire on clitoris and on the other hand a man’s penile cord aroused and engorged.

21. Clears sinus

A cup of hot Ginger tea helps to remove sinus from our skull. It drains the fungi and compels them to out from the maxillary. There is active component of ginger that works wonderfully to cure our sinus. So to relief from sinus without taking the drug that is full of side effects  we should take ginger tea regularly. We must not take ginger tea more than twice a day. That might fall a wrong effect like sleeplessness.

22. Glucose Level

Ginger provides glucose in our body. 100 gm ginger provides 66.5% carbohydrate. The food Value of ginger is 380 caloric per 100 gm. Research of Australia refers that ginger helps to keep blood glucose level in the expected position. To maintain blood sugar level and energy level we must take ginger. It is directly related to weight gain and weight loss.

Ginger is the natural energy drink. It keeps the healthy blood in our body. So it is essential to take ginger as a diet.

23. Metabolic system (absorb nutrients)

The overweight men always fear to eat because of their low metabolic system. A low metabolic system of a fat man can break his natural health. As a owner of a huge body he needs huge vitamins and minerals. By adding more ginger as the food products one can increase his metabolic power. This power helps him to absorb vitamins and other value of the food. As a result, Our body will get more energy and longevity.

24. Heart Burn

Due to gas we often feel pain in the left side of our chest. Not only for acidity but also for stress we can feel heart burn. The nice property of ginger works against both gas and acidity. It is also a component that drives our stress and anxiety.

Ginger stops our heart burn. It relieves pain and gives as a smooth breath.


25. Anti Viral

The components of ginger are anti viral. The vitro report represents that it has great antiviral properties. It can be use in the time of cold to prevent disease like cough, flu etc. As a form of tea it has huge fame. But Fresh ginger was more effective when given before viral inoculation. [6]

Thus so far I have tried to highlight the positive impact of ginger. We should take this outstanding herb every day. There is a prohibition of taking ginger in hot days because it stimulate our senses. But if we take it with cold lemon water, it will be OK. There is a proverb, “Excess of anything is not good.” So we must take a limited portion of ginger every day. Ginger benefit is awesome for us. We should not misuse this herb. We should take care of our health with a cup of ginger tea. We can add ginger extract in our curries. By this an excellent flavor will be rewarded with a beautiful alternative medicinal value.

Hopefully, you can realize the best herbal health benefits of ginger. Please share your views and Ideas with us.

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