Uses of Aloe Vera as an herbal

Uses of Aloe Vera as an herbal remedy has been universally approved. Aloe Vera is called the natural healer. The reason behind this pseudonym is its actual power of healing.

Aloe Vera as an herbal

Aloe Vera as an herbal

In the homeopathic Materia Medica, there is a enormous demand of Aloe Vera. Many herbal medicine company use this product. Even in the realm of cosmetics the name ALOE VERA has an enormous fame. Aloe Vera oil, Aloe Vera juice, Aloe Vera Peel all have the specificity in terms of their Uses and benefits. There are many uses and benefits of Aloe Vera as Herbal remedy of stomach, eye allergies, diabetes, cancer and even in AIDS.

Uses of Aloe Vera as an Herbal Remedy of Eye disease


There are a several uses and benefits of Aloe Vera as an herbal remedy of Eye disease. Many ophthalmologist prescribe Aloe Vera products for their patent. Aloe Vera Gel is a very useful material for Eye diseases.

There are also many Aloe Vera cosmetics and Eye Drops which helps to recover eye circle, acne, allergies, puffy eyes etc.

Uses and Benefits of Aloe Vera as an herbal remedy

Uses and Benefits of Aloe Vera as an herbal remedy in puffy eyes.

 According to Klaus D.Peter, Gummersbach, Germany, Puffy eyes can be heal with aloe Vera gel. Eye gels are costly but Aloe gel can be made at home.

The man who suffers from allergies is often experience symptoms like burning, itching and redness. The most familiar disease of eye is allergies which cannot be alleviated easily without using some chemical injections. One the other hand artificial cosmetics can help relieve symptoms. But for acute sufferers, the irritation and symptoms return again. This discomfort will often rushed people with Allergies to search for alternative actions, such as Aloe Vera, a plant well-known for its healing possessions. Understanding the connection between eye allergies and the uses and benefits aloe Vera as as an herbal remedy will help you to get a path of natural soothing.

Uses of Aloe Vera as an herbal of stomach diseases

In the world of fast food people always suffers a lot for their digestion of food. Day bye day pH level disorders because their dependency on street food and fast food. No matter whether you take it or not, many people take Omeprazole as well as Antacid and this kind of drags which have side effect in long time usage. Stop dependency on those drugs and apply aloe Vera juice once per two days. You will get rid of your stomach disorder very soon. The other benefits of this product also keep you healthy and happy.

Uses of Aloe Vera as an herbal of stomach diseases

Uses of Aloe Vera as an herbal of stomach diseases

Uses of Aloe Vera as the herbal remedy for stomach ulcer are very effective. A study on stomach ulcer curing by some Oncologists  of worldwide reports that the Aloe vera has a great value in the treatment of stomach ulcer.

Uses of Aloe Vera as the Remedy of Aids

Uses of aloe as an herbal remedy for HIV positive is great. Aloe claims to be excellent at regulating the immune system (an immunomodulator).  This focused on both stimulate the immune response for those with weakened immune systems either from existing conditions or post-illness fatigue. It can also pacify the immune response, such as for Hay fever where less immune.

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In 1994, the US Food and Drug Administration approved Aloe Vera for the treatment of HIV. On-going studies worldwide show that taken in highly concentrated doses can stimulate the production of white blood cells that may help fight viruses and also tumors.

Uses of Aloe Vera as an herbal antibiotic Remedy

In December 1991 a couple of researcher at the University of Maryland in Baltimore examined the antiviral action of the plant. They researched on the plant extract, including Aloe Vera Emodin and found that the plant has the ability to deactivate some drastic viruses. The result according to sir Sydiskis in the December 1991 issue of antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy, showed that Aloe emodin inactivated herpes simplex virus (type-1 and 2), Varicella-zoster virus and the infuenza virus.[1]

Uses of Aloe Vera as the message oil for skin

Aloe is used as an excellent herbal treatment for skin conditions such as burns and eczema. It is often reported that burns can be healed remarkably fast and the pain decrease very quickly with to marginal application of Aloe Vera to the burn area. As well as applying marginally, Aloe Vera can also be taken internally so it is just as useful for internal epithelial tissue as it is for the skin. For example, mouth ulcers, nasal and sinuses, bowels, lungs and genital tracts. Aloe ultimately acts on membranes and surfaces.

After pregnancy regular use of Aloe Vera massage removes the pregnancy dark marks of the stomach skin.

Uses of Aloe Vera as an Herbal recovery of cancer

There is a saying, “Prevention is better than curing.” It is Aloe Vera which has a great power of preventing the spread of Cancer cell. It also prevents the cancer tumor. There are strong evident of preventing cancer by Aloe Vera. In the Brazilian part of the Amazan, A priest affirms that he has obtained real result in several types to cancer: Cancer of breast, Cancer of uterous, Cancer of stomach, Cancer of skin, Cancer of prostate etc. The formula is cheap and easy to prepare it in house.[2]

Another evident has been found when we read the outstanding book  with the tittle Cancer Can Be Cured! By Father Romano Zago. In his book we saw that the animals who are suffering People can use it from their own homes. The result are so satisfactory that people who have been healed, even those in the terminal phases of cancer are able to return to their normal lives in two or three months, with even greater vigor and with a better quality of life once again after all he had seemed irrevocably lost to them.[3]

In fine, Aloe vera can also be used as Hair care, acne care care for sunburn etc. After Radio therapy and Chemo therapy we can use Aloe Vera to recover the cell damage. It bears more oxygen to our blood, It decreases sticky elements of blood. There is a good profits of Aloe Vera in its action of reducing cholesterol from blood. As a result a Aloe Vera consumer can enjoy a healthy heart too.

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