Aloe Vera oil for Herbal Remedy

In previous post we have discussed about Aloe Vera plants and its benefits as herbal medicine and how to cultivate Aloe Vera. Now let me introduce to you the greatest organic oil called Aloe Vera oil.

Aloe Vera oil

Aloe Vera oil

It has been studied that aloe Vera works in two ways. The first way is that the Aloe Vera contains 200 nutrients combinations. Among them 20 minerals, 12 vitamins (including vitamin B12), 18 amino acids etc. They are very helpful for internal body. And the Other way is that the external use of Aloe Vera oil which can be called as soothing power of sun burn, acne care, Massage for removing rheumatic pain and feeling rejuvenation. Today we will discuss about the second way. Please keep reading:

We all knew that the organic Aloe Vera oil has unique healing power. For hair recovery it works as prophetic gift. Not only for hair but also it is very helpful for skin, face, body massage and many other usage. It is so effective for a person who is suffering from skin disease like sun burn, acne, cut scare etc.

Now I am going to narrate the process of making Aloe oil:

Step One: ( Collection Of Aloe Gel)

Collect the healthy Aloe Vera leaves with a sharp knife. Now wash it very well. If there is any yellow stuff. Wash it again and wipe those stuffs with a tissue paper. Remember, yellow stuff are laxative which can causes harm to the quality of the oil.

Now cut the both edge of the Aloe leaves including the both thorny sides. Do not need to peel it. Cut the existing gel pregnant leaves into small triangle pieces.

Step Two: ( Keeping of necessary elements)

Put the small Aloe Vera leaves’ pieces into a dark bottle. The name dark bottle has been mentioned here because light is effective in preserving Aloe Vera oil.  Now if you want you can blend the gel. However, if you don’t do this there will not any problem at all. The bottle should be water free and water tight. So now you need

  1. A bottle of 100 ml virgin coconut oil.
  2. A bottle of 50 ml Olive oil.
  3. One tea spoonful Vitamin E.

Step Three: (Mixing and Making Aloe Vera oil)

Pour 100 ml virgin coconut oil into the bottle where the Aloe Vera gel was placed. Now mix the olive oil with it. Emulsify the other ingredient (One tea spoonful Vitamin E) with them.

We know oil does not mix with water. As Aloe Vera gel contains water we must keep them in a certain temperature to mingled with each other.

There are three ways of making the Aloe oil of mixing with the other oil.

The first one is to keep the mixer for a long time. It will  take 20 days to mingled well and appear as the desired oil.

The second is to keep them in the freezer and cool them in a same temperature. They will be emulsified in a week.

Aloe gel Boiling in the pan

Aloe Gel Boiling in the pan

The third process is to boil them on a pot  by burning stove. by this way we will get the aloe oil in a quick time.

There are many adverse criticism of making oil in the third process because the critics think that by burning we burn many vitamins and important elements of the oil. So people choose the first process. By keeping the oil in the first process. But we can store them for 180 days in the former way and latter by burning them we can keep Aloe Vera organic oil for a year.

The video of Wildturmeric can be helpful as a visual learning material:

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Aloe Vera oil For hair:

In case of hair fall Aloe Vera oil (with olive oil mixing) give you ultimate result as a herbal remedy. The process of making the oil is the same process that has been described. You can enjoy the video too.

Hair falling aloe vera oil made of olive oil

Hair fall oil made of olive oil and Aloe vera oil.

In order to get the growing power of hair we can apply Aloe Vera oil with Rosemary. In two weeks your hair will be growing. For extra thickness you can apply onion juice with it. Do not mix onion in the bottle of the Aloe Vera oil. As onion spreads much smell to outside air so it should be use only applying time.

Aloe oil for skin care:

For skin Aloe Vera well always usable to keep it healthy and scare free. In case of sun burn Aloe oil helps like intimate friend. As a moisturizer we should keep aloe vera oil with us in winter season. Some uses of aloe Vera oil are given bellow:

  1. Removes Acne.
  2. Helps to recover sunburn
  3. Helps to illuminate pregnancy mark in the lower abdomen skin.
  4. Balance ph level in the skin.
  5. Recovers the wounded area in a quick time.
  6. Usable as antiseptic with Neem Oil.
  7. Keeps face neat and clean.
  8. makes face fresh and smooth

Aloe Vera oil for other Herbal Remedy:

  1. As a scalp oil for deep conditioning
  2. A organic massage oil to improve circulation and relieve arthritis.
  3.  A skin oil, esp.for dry itchy irritated skin
  4. To soothe eczema
  5. A herbal mixer for your body creams and lotions
  6. An facilitator of wound healing inflammation.

In the era of chemical medicine man wants to get rid of the medicinal side effect. Many years ago the solution of this age has been done. But it is a matter of fact that, today people can understand their way of the life. So many people day by day come in the shade of alternative medicine. The name, Aloe Vera, will remain as the top ten list of any herbal product. If someone search for something which can heal naturally its Aloe Vera oil.

Thus as a natural health care system the Aloe Vera oil , a oil of rejuvenation, will stand first in the realm of skin care and organic massage. So make your home a organic spa center from where you can save yourself.

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