External usage of Tulsi and Its Health benefits (part III)

External uses of Tulsi

External uses of Tulsi

We have declared in part II that we will come with more about external usage of Tulsi (the holy Basil). We also started a discussion on skin care solution of Tulsi. In this part we are going to illustrate about many other external usage of tulsi including the skin care, hair care and dental solution of this holy herb. As tulsi is so beneficial for our health, we give an extra attention on the holy herb to display the best and real life experienced information. The healing process and the preparation process also sometime elaborated so that everybody can get help directly by their real life external usage of tulsi. Thus enjoy your reading and present your useful and precious comments.

External usage of Tulsi for Skin diseases:

All sorts of allergy, eczema, itchy, Scabies and rashes are cure able by the external usage of tulsi. One medium sized Lemon juice and 10 tulsi leaves juice should be mixed welly. Now apply them in the affected area. You can apply them in normal skin so that they can be free from skin diseases. This excellent herbal product has unique achievement of giving a glowing look for in the skin.

Many people uses tulshi for the base make up. Not only for the white woman but also the black people tries this excellent herb to get a glowing and fresh look.

A video of Ehowbeauty expresses our motive visually:

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Leprosy is a pestilence skin disease. It affects on the skin of a person. Melanin disorder of our skin metabolic system causes leprosy  too. We all know that the tulsi inhibitors enjoy extraordinary metabolic system.

The tulsi massage oil helps to cure leprosy from our body. According to Acharya Balkrishna, a great Ayurveda specialist of India, treated many leprosy patient successfully by dint of tulsi. As leprosy leads you to cancer, so prevent it by applying tulsi juice extract with mastered oil every day after bath.

skin ulcer

Any types of skin ulcer is cope able by tulsi. The sufferer of bed sores can be treated with tulsi and Neem mixed. Its anti bacterial components help to cure skin ulcer. An acute sufferer should absorb tulsi tea and apply tulsi leaves paste on the affected area.

Treatment process of any sort of skin ulcer is to collect the tulsi leaves and boil them in water. Now wash the ulcer area with the boiled water. Soon there will be recovery sign.

External usage of Tulsi Dental remedy

Tooth Ache

Tooth ache is always unbearable. Kids or adults all fears any type of tooth ache. To reduce tooth ache tulsi (the holy basil) works very well. Tulsi mouth wash also very helpful to recover tooth ache.

Mouth wash

As an organic mouth wash there is no alternative to Tulsi. It is one of the best External usage of tulsi. However Tulsi mouth wash removes bad smell from the mouth and bring back a fresh smell. It saves the tooth game from its looseness and damaging. By this way it saves the teeth from uprooting in an early age.

Studies prove that tulsi mouth wash also cures unwanted mouth ulcer. It also helps to cure the bad effects on our mouth after chewing tobacco.

The process of making tulsi mouth wash:

  1. Take 6 piece of tulsi fresh leaves.
  2. Add 3 cloves (a kind of spices).
  3. 200 ml water
  4. Two pinch of boosted black salt ( A sort of salt that is found in south Asia. Indian people call it kala Namak and Bangladeshi people call it as Bit Lobon).

First boil the water in a low temperature and mix all the ingredents on by on. When the total solution comes about only 150 ml. take them out from the stove. Apply it in a tolerable warmth. This helps to remove tooth ache and drives bad smell away from the mouth. This also helpful to get rid of pyorrhea.

External usage of Tulsi for hair care

One of the great external usage of tulsi is in dermatological application. Very often the health of hair becomes damage. Due to the health weakness hair always splits away and fall down from the root. The women are sufferer of this problem. Simply

There are many other external usage of Tulsi. Tulsi dried leaves and tulsi well are both mosquito repellent. In the summer season in Tropical region its smoke helps to drive snake and many other insects from the home.

Tulsi also removes under ear cyst. The mixing oil of sesame and Tulsi helps many kinds of ear diseases. Make a 50% blend of each oil and drop it into the ear hole. Remember use only 4 drops per use. Do this for every 4 days. After using tree times your ear will be completely cured.

So Tulsi, The Holy basil, not only helps us by serving as internal and external usage but also it saves our environment by producing ozone directly. Tulsi can be called as natural air freshener.

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