Health benefits and Uses of Tulsi (The Holy Basil) Part-I

Health benefits and uses of Tulsi (holy basil)

Tulsi (the holy Basil) the herbs

We are going to narrate the top health benefits and uses of Tulsi. There is a saying that where there is a Tulsi plant, disease fear to roam there. In Hindu mythology it is said that a Tulsi plant drives devil away from the house. Whether it drives devil away or not it really drives many dangerous diseases. Indian Tulsi patta, what’s English name is Basil leaves, has the greatest herbal value.

Before discussing about Health benefits and uses of Tulsi we are elaborating the essential elements of Tulsi which contains in the holy Basil’s leaves.

Properties, that provide health benefits, of Tulsi :

Tulsi contains Ursolic Acid

Tulsi contains Ursolic Acid

Holy Tulsi contains several active properties with documented anti inflammatory activity, anti oxidant, including Eugenol, Urosilic acid, Rosmarinic acid, Epigenin etc.[1]  Urosilic acid helps to prevent cancer and pain. Test tube examination results that Ursolic acid is a powerful inhibitor of (Arachidonic acid) COX-2 enzyme. So it could help to relieve pain and a powerful action against inflammation. Rosmarinic acid is also found in Rosemarie which have also inflammatory properties.

Some other constituents of Tulsi are oleanoic Acid, Carvacrol, linalool, ß-elemene (c.11.0%), germacrene D (about 2%).[2] , ß-carypyllene (about 8%) and so on.

Now it is time to explain the health benefits and uses of Tulsi.

Tulsi leave is a powerful inhibitor of Cox 2 enzyme.

Tulsi leave is a powerful inhibitor of Cox 2 enzyme.



Many kinds of Health Benefits and Uses of Tulsi:

In the realm of Ayurveda the health benefits and uses of Tulsi is a talked of topic. A thousand years ago the name of Tulsi was mentioned in Charaka Samhita.[3]   The holy Basil or Tulsi has many uses. It is very beneficial to health because of its action. It act as Demulcent, Antibacterial, Anti fungal, Expectorant, Anticatarrhal, Antispasmodic, anthelmintic, Diaphoretic, febrifuge, nervine, adaptogen, immunostimulant, digestive, laxative etc.

The use of Holy basil can be explained in two terms

  1. internal usage.
  2. External usage

1. Internal Usage of Tulsi:

Internal uses refers that the holy basil product take inner side of the body by direct consuming it. This consumption of leaves, flowers or even the branches and seeds may be different. Sometimes it requires some substitutes with it like ginger, honey, sugar, salt, cloves, hot water etc. The health benefits and uses of tulsi by internal taking is awesome. They are:

i) Health benefits and uses of Tulsi in Digestive system:

Health benefits of Tulsi in the digestive system is outstanding. To relieve spasm, colic, bloating and wind the antispasmodic action of Tulsi is very effective.

In case of Nausea, anorexia and vomiting paste 4 leaves of Tulsi. Mix one tea spoon full honey and adding a small portion of ginger, devour it. After 5 minutes you will find yourself completely cured.

The appetizing digestive as well as laxative & antithelmintic function of Tulsi helps to cure abdominal pain and worms. Its mild laxative effect aids as an anti ulcer property in stomach. This also lessens the effect of peptic acid or irritating drugs.

The antioxidant effect controls the cancer cell. So it protect us prom stomach cancer.

ii) Uses of Tulsi Respiratory system:

The most effective health benefit of tulsi is it directly clears the respiratory tract. If any one want a path by which he can recover all of his respiratory problem he or she should come beneath the help of tulsi. In this case both external and internal uses are very useful.

In order to work on this effective curing tulsi’s combined constituents such as decongestant action with  antispasmodic and expectorant actions are very helpful. The extra ordinary combination helps to cure:

In curing pneumonia make a great cough syrup. Take 50 mg dried leaves of tulsi, add 25 mg ginger, mix 15 mg black peeper ( Golmorich) and 10 mg small white Alachi and boost it. Now boil them in 400 ml water. Keep boiling till the water level come in 200 ml. Now mix some sugar and drink two times a day. The herbalists give  99.98% guaranty of curing.

people who consume tulsi regularly they are grateful to this special herb. Because of its activity against a range of micro organisms it fight to recover an asthma patient.

The holy Basil or tulsi fights against E-coli staphylococcus mucus and mycoplasma Tuberculosis. So we can not imagine how important herb it is.

Tulsi Tea

Tulsi Tea

The health benefits and uses of tulsi know no bounds in respiratory system healing. General cough, acute cough, nasal bacteria infection, sinusitis, Mucusal attacks in maxillary  all are curable by taking tulsi tea.

Regular taking tulsi tea enhances our preventing power of the cell against cough. It helps to give up smoking. After giving up smoking if anyone wants to danger free he can apply tulsi tea.

The tulsi tea can be prepared in home. Just dry the tulsi leaves add ginger and boil in water. Now filter it and take the red tulsi tea. If you do not have diabetes add sugar and small amount of honey on it.

Tulsi tea is a very useful herb for our respiratory system. It is suggested to the pied piper, singer, even a speech deliverer and a lecturer can apply it to get a god gifted sweet and fresh voice. In order to cure shore throat tulsi tea works miraculously. In addition, all other health benefits of tulsi such as anti cancer, good digestions, kidney stones removing, reducing blood pressure etc. are also attainable from tulsi tea. A video of Sooraj Mohan about health benefits and uses of tulsi tea is given bellow:

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The Tulsi plant is a plant which provides oxygen for 24 hours. It saves the environment as well as our body by protecting it from many disease. In the world of global warming come in a movement of saving people from the bad effect of unwanted gases. Plant every where the tulsi (holy Basil). Take regularly Tulsi tea. And always keep yourself and your family healthy. By dint of health benefits and uses of Tulsi (the holy Basil) it will remain a most wanted plant forever.

In Health benefits and Uses of Tulsi (The Holy Basil) Part-I we discussed a little part of health benefits and uses of tulsi. There will be more information and more detail discussion about top benefits of tulsi including its external usage in Part II. So keep your eyes on our web page. You are always welcome to share your views and leave your comments.


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