Neem leaves side effects

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SS asked 4 years ago

I wants to neem leaves side effects. What are the site effects of Neem leaves if I use then externally?

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Ollo Page Staff answered 4 years ago

People use Neem as Neem Powder and neem Oil. There are lots of benefits of Neem. However, some skin may react to neem. Let us see the Side Effects of neem leaves.

Neem leaves side effects

Throughout being pregnant, neem oil might trigger a miscarriage as effectively. So it’s higher to take neem in small portions and verify for any hostile reactions.

Neem leaves negative effects that can provide you some issues so at all times do a check beforehand. If neem works on you then it is among the greatest pure methods to deal with many illnesses.

The neem negative effects could be vomiting, drowsiness, seizures and even diarrhea. These are normally when neem powder or oil is consumed internally.